Should Exercise Be Compulsory At Work?

Exercise in the office is not a new idea. Many businesses are adding fitness into their daily office routine. But does exercise in the workplace really work? Is it time to implement exercise in your office?

If you’re already implementing exercise to support employee wellbeing, we are cheering for you. Employees who exercise at work are more happy, efficient and calm. Health programs also increase productivity while controlling health-related costs. You’re also likely aware of other benefits including better focus, increased cardiovascular health, and improved mood.

Some employers are even making exercise compulsory. In Sweden, employees of fashion and sportswear retailer Bjorn Borg, get their weekly workout at a nearby gym. The results show a 22 percent decline in work absences and greater camaraderie.

However, making exercise compulsory might be a step too far for some businesses. While promoting exercise is important it should be voluntary with incentives, not mandatory with headaches.

Not every workplace has the space, time or budget for fitness programs. But you can create a plan. So, how can you effectively promote a healthier workplace without forcing exercise? Here are three secrets to success:

Ban “cake culture”

Prof. Nigel Hunt, from the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons, says the habit of bringing cakes into the office fuels obesity and dental problems. Start setting the habit of rewarding staff with fruit, nuts or cheese instead. This offers fun variety in the lunchroom.

Stand up more

Standing up three hours a day, five days a week for a year, would be the equivalent of running 10 marathons, according to experts. Other tips to reduce sitting time include setting a reminder to get up every 30 minutes, take regular breaks to go for a walk, or stand while on the phone.

Bring your pets to work

Nestle headquarters in London allow employees to bring their dogs to work, saying it promotes a less stressful office. Bringing your pets to work also promotes more exercise and a healthier work-life balance. This also encourages employees to walk the dogs, allowing opportunities for exercise.

WorkScore offers a wide range of fitness options to suit the needs of your employees, from bootcamp, pilates, yoga, desk yoga, stretching, 1:1 personal training to fitness challenges. We will have your staff up and moving in no time!

With 60 percent of our day often spent at work, employers hold the key. Don’t ignore your employees’ health and wellbeing. Manage employee health and produce effective results!