Secrets For Staying Energised at Work

‘I’m tired’ is a common outcry among workers, but it’s not one to take lightly as Monash University research found fatigue resulted in nearly 10,000 serious workplace injuries.

Granted fatigue is much more serious than just feeling tired, however if we don’t manage our energy levels we could be putting ourselves at risk of fatigue.

Do you run out of steam well before the end of the day? If so read on. From start to finish, we share seven secrets for staying energised throughout your working day:

Energise during your shower

A simple showering technique can help boost your energy throughout the day. Finish your shower with 30-second bursts of cold, then hot, then cold water. This form of hydrotheraphy improves circulation which gives your mind and body a kickstart. It also helps relieve stress.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Don’t carbo-load in the morning as this will only see you slumping as the day wears on. Something as simple as cottage cheese on wholewheat crackers is enough to cover your protein and calcium needs for breakfast.

Make the most of your commute

Don’t be anxious about the delays and packed carriages. Stress drains energy, so it’s best to brush off any minor setbacks. Instead, make the most of that time by meditating or listening to feel good music to get you in the right mood. 

Have lunch away from your desk

Did you know that having lunch ‘al desko’ is very bad for your health? Not only does it make you mindless while eating (as you’re surely checking emails or social media at the same time), but it can also expose you to bacteria and make you sick. A sure fire way to drain energy.

Why not have lunch at a park and squeeze in a short stroll for better sustenance throughout the day?

Stretch throughout the day

Moving gives us energy. Even a simple stretch can help, especially during the mid-afternoon slump. Try some of these desk-stretches to get you moving and help you refocus.

Wind down before leaving

Try to slowly switch off before heading home. This will stop you from attending to work tasks at home—sapping more of your energy. Try writing a to-do list for the next morning, clearing your desk out or having a friendly chat with workmates to signal the end of the working day.

Sleep well

Because sleep is the main way our bodies recharge, poor sleep can cost your energy reserves. So, avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed, switch off your devices and train your body clock to sleep and wake at the same time. Also, with sleep sometimes quality matters more than quantity.

Don’t grind to a halt before sundown. Follow these seven tips and fire on all cylinders all-day!