Reclaim Your Power

"We’ve hit a world population of 7.6 billion and rising—so what makes just one individual special?"

It’s tempting to think that we don’t matter in a world that’s so busy, money-hungry and critical. When we push all that aside the reality is quite different.

We have value in our relationships, workplace, social and family circles. In a consumer-driven economy each dollar we spend is a vote. And no matter how stuck we might feel in life, we’re the only ones with real power to change our path.

If you’re spending your days stuck in a comfortable routine, out of touch with what you really want and feeling powerless, read on for a few ways to reclaim what makes you, You:

Use morning affirmations:

Would you wake up your partner by listing all the things they did wrong the day before?

Likely not. So why do we feel as if we deserve to wake up to self-criticism and negative thoughts?

Rise and shine on a more positive note and set yourself up for success by being your own cheerleader. Visit our article on positive self-talk for a fresh and friendlier way to start the day.

Exercise your ability to make a difference:

Doing good, feels good. Whether it’s being kind to strangers, lowering your environmental footprint by using a keep cup, or making conscious clothing and food choices—start taking your power back by realising that you actually have some!

Move your body:

Our bodies were made to move. It might be the happy hormones released during exercise, but working out, dancing, running, or walking can help you get more in touch with yourself. There is a form of movement for everyone, no matter your size, shape, or age—and it’s a gift worth using!

Be an active player in your life:

Feeling like just another cog in the machine? Instead of letting the days, months and years tick by, become actively engaged in planning your life. Ask yourself the big questions like:

What do I want? How do I get it? What fulfils me? Write these down, visit and edit them regularly.

Do something you’re good at:

Not everything you do has to generate money—life’s too short for that. Make time to enjoy a hobby or activity you really enjoy and even excel at. Perhaps it’s cycling, cooking, reading, painting, or dancing—tap into what brings you joy.

Don’t lose yourself in the every day. Get back in touch with your own power by trying some of these the next time you wake up feeling average.