Reasons To Take Leave This Spring

You’ve been soldiering on through the colder weather, and now it’s time to reap the rewards of another beautiful spring.

So, will you be taking some time off during these mild, sun-filled months? We think you should. Here’s why:

A time of renewal

Everywhere we look, nature is renewing itself under a warmer sun and so should you. We’ve all been hunkered down during winter, but now we can pursue activities and states of mind which give us joy. Traditional Chinese medicine calls for turning our attention towards creativity, growth and self-development.

Spring is the perfect time of year to break old habits and start new ones.

Have you been relying on coffee to warm and wake you up? Try drinking antioxidant and vitamin C filled teas instead.  Or have you been spending too much time under that couch throw? Move your body again to feel invigorated with one of our spring workouts.

Productivity pit-stop

Your brain has probably been working hard to get through the uninspiring winter months. There’s a reason many animals hibernate during winter! Research has shown that taking frequent short breaks during the work day can help productivity.

But what about a good old-fashioned holiday?

Yup, that seems to help too. A survey conducted on office workers found that time off meant they were more effective once returning back to work.

Self-love is in the air

Psychologist Guy Winch stresses the underestimated issue of good mental hygiene. He highlights that though we are aware of the importance of tending to our physical bodies, we are unfortunately also accustomed to ignoring psychological injuries. These pile up with time and can even manifest as physical illness.

It’s the season to embrace and love ourselves!

Adopt a new self-care habit—i.e. breathing exercises, journaling, meditation, light yoga and stretching. Make time for you and these soul-renewing activities morning or night. You don’t have to put in much effort for a thorough mental spring clean.

Replenish Vitamin D

On a practical note, it’s known that Vitamin D levels are at their lowest come the end of winter. Vitamin D is essential for a healthy, functioning body. Among many wonderful benefits, it allows assimilation of calcium into our bones and helps fight with inflammation. We should all be getting around 20 minutes of sunshine daily.

And there’s no better opportunity to lap up that sunshine than a short holiday from work. Grab a book, a drink and settle down in the outdoors.

Let’s all spread our wings a bit this Spring and love our bodies and minds. Whether it’s a week or just a few days, pencil yourself in for a well-deserved holiday.