QiGong: The New Tai Chi

This branch of Tai chi focuses on breathing through exercises. According to Tai Chi Australia, the word “Qi is air or breath. It is the energy that circulates within the body. Gong means energy and time, work or self-discipline.”

QiGong is an ancient practice, only recently adopted by the western world. It has been popular due to its ability to increase vitality, reduce the impact of pre-existing illnesses/medical conditions and also improve the quality of life overall.

Just like Yoga, there are many levels and styles of this practise for different levels of experience and knowledge. The aim is to work your way up as you go, but it can be a slow process. QiGong must be learned and developed over time.

The flow of energy is important as you move through each pose or movement, focusing on fluidity and the breath.

It has been said to assist with anxiety and stress as well as clearing the mind and practising being present in the moment.

Although this practice may not be for everyone, it is also a great addition to your normal exercise routine, breaking it up from running, the gym or HIIT training. Allowing the body to experience different kinds of movement is the best way to progress with your health and fitness goals.

This meditative practice connections the muscles with the mind and can advance the way you see your body. Take what you learn and place it into everything that you do. A conscious mind creates a conscious body.

Find a local Tai Chi class in your area, they may teach this practise on the side, so be sure to ask.