Pulse Surveys: Your Company’s Fitness Tracker

We all know what a body without a pulse means—it’s not a state you want to find your employee engagement in. Just as a doctor would keep an eye on a patient’s pulse, leaders need to do the same for their organisation or else risk death by disengagement.

It takes more than checking in during the annual ritual called the engagement survey. It’s no secret that this type of survey is slow and doesn’t contribute to business success.  

Keep employee engagement alive at your workplace by keeping your finger on the pulse!


So, what is the way of the future? Collecting real time data using pulse surveys. Like a literal pulse, these surveys are quick, insightful and allow you to track the state of your workers’ engagement. Here are some ways different companies are using real time feedback to keep engagement alive:

Improving mood and performance:

Happiness is the emotion that drives productivity. Innovative technology now allows businesses to measure what used to be immeasurable. For instance, a company in France offers an app that tracks employees’ moods via short surveys. Likewise, WorkScore offers companies a simple, easy-to-use system that measures your employee’s wellbeing—including their levels of happiness.

Because our moods change in the term, it makes sense that measuring it should happen more frequently than just once a year. Collecting real time data and feedback from employees is the equivalent of asking how they’re feeling—only on a larger scale.

Identifying barriers to engagement:

Businesses are complex and identifying barriers to performance and engagement can be difficult. A scientific way of finding out the unknown is to test until a pattern emerges. That’s what pulse surveys can do for you.

Testing once a year and making decisions based on that could be short-sighted. Indeed, global studies found only 27 percent of workers believe their companies collect feedback that helps improve work and performance. So, a much better approach is to keep communicating to identify the real challenges that impact productivity and engagement.

Measuring the success of initiatives:

As businesses move and shift with changing market demands, innovation and technology, there’s always bound to be a new initiative or program to be introduced to staff. And shiny new things are fascinating, but do you know that they’ve achieved their purpose? Again, real time feedback is your best solution.

Perhaps you’re introducing a new wellness program to help boost engagement. If so, you could benefit from WorkScore’s real time feedback on five elements of wellbeing: work, body, fuel, fitness and mindset. You can analyse how successful your efforts are and what areas need more attention.