Pull Workout: Master Pulling Motions

"Pulling out all the stops" is what we are aiming for in this workout, pun fully intended.

Working with both push and pull based exercises is key to maintaining successful muscle growth and development, targeting the muscles in  variety of ways.

Try this pull workout at a level appropriate to you:

  1. Warm up the shoulders, deltoids and upper back with some band or cable face pulls. Place your resistance band around a pole or skinny tree. Line it up with your shoulders and pull the band back behind your squeezing the shoulder blades together and keeping the elbows high. 

  2. Hang mini pulls: You will need a high bar for this, found in parks and gyms. With an overhand grip hold onto the bar and squeeze your shoulder blades down and move your shoulders down from your neck. 

  3. Smith machine or barbell incline pull ups, lower the bar to a height you feel comfortable with, pulling your body up to like a reverse bent over row.

  4. Bent over row: Using either a barbell or dumbbell/s fold at the hips, keeping a flat back and a slight bend in the knees. Begin with the weight/s at arms length and draw your shoulder blades back, towards one another as your squeeze and activate the core/back muscles. Lower slowly back to starting position repeat. Choose a challenging weight but ensure it does not compromise your posture and alignment throughout the movement.  

  5. Romanian dead-lift: Similar to a regular dead-lift but with slightly straighter legs and a closer stance. These can be performed with barbells or dumbbells. When performing the movement, you are focusing on pulling through the backs of the legs and the glutes as you move from standing to pushing the hips back and sinking a little lower. Pull the weight up back to starting position as you activate the glutes, legs and hips. 

  6. Chin ups: Grip the bar with your palms facing you. Tuck in your elbows to your sides as much as possible when pulling yourself up. Always start with arms long. You can use an assisted chin up machine or a resistance band to help. Slow, steady and controlled. 

  7. Leg curls seated: You can use a fit-ball or a leg curl machine for this.