Protect Your Joints

As we all know, we only get one body in this life time and despite medical advancements, I know you would much rather have real rather than prosthetic joints! Even if you already have osteoarthritis, some of these suggestions will still help manage the pain and help prevent it going further.

So, to start taking care of these super important areas of the body, here are our top recommendations.

  1. Try acupressure movements. "Acupressure is a massage technique based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that uses finger pressure (light or stronger), rubbing or tapping of acupressure points in the body to stimulate and mobilise “chi” (life force energy). In LV Chair Yoga we use these techniques for the hands and knees in order to encourage circulation, relieve pain and promote energy flow to improve health and wellbeing." Claire from LV Chair Yoga.

  2. Try low impact exercises like Tai Chi and chair yoga, or resistance band training. These often provide similar benefits to harder exercise genres without the impact. Tai Chi also help to prevent falls with balance training, it also is great for mental health.

  3. Warm up before you train/exercise. If you are overweight if is good to start with low impact workouts to avoid injury from carrying the excess weight. Pool workouts are also a great option.

  4. Take supplements such as glucosamine and calcium. These are great for bone and joint health in particular.. 

  5. Avoid jumping/jarring movements. This includes things like stop start exercises, skipping and box jumping.

  6. Strength training is paramount

  7. Calcium intake: You will never be shown to be deficient in calcium in a standard blood test as your body will draw calcium from the bones into the blood to stay healthy (this is not a good thing as it weakens your bones). The only way to ensure you are getting enough calcium is to have a sufficient dairy and green leafy vegetable intake or take calcium supplements. These days you can get a combo vitamin that has calcium, magnesium and vitamin D in it. To help with stronger bones and joints, less cramps and up’s your Vitamin D intake if you spend most of your day indoors away from the sunshine.

  8. Occupational and physiotherapy are also great options if you need extra support and help.

  9. Wear knee, elbow, shoulder and wrist wraps/braces for added support. Always seek medical advice before doing this as you may worsen your condition if it is done incorrectly.