Press Pause For A Couch Workout

Grab the remote, press pause on your favourite show and get your heart rate up with this easy couch workout.

We all love to sit and watch TV but all this sedentary behaviour is causing health issues and 56 per cent of Australians are now considered overweight or obese!

With this quick and easy couch workout you can get fit and binge watch your favourite Netflix show at the same time. Win? We think so.

Couch workout:

Complete the suggested repetitions and do the full circuit 3-4 times.

  1. Sit to stand: Standing up, feet hip distance apart, with your hands out in front, arms long and outstretched, sit down onto the couch and stand back up keeping the core activated. To increase the difficulty: raise one leg, with a slightly bent knee and sit down and stand back up like a single legged squat. Repeat for 20 repetitions.

  2. Dips: Slide your bottom off the couch with the knees bent to 90 degrees and place hands behind you on the couch. Bend the elbows to 90 degrees and use the backs of the arms (triceps) to push yourself up and lower back down. Repeat for 10-12 repetitions.

  3. Push ups: placing hands on the couch shoulder distance apart, then elbows out and lower down and push through the chest as you rise. To increase the difficulty, place the feet onto the couch and walk the body out into an elevated plank, do you push ups from this angle. Complete 10-15 repetitions.

  4. Crunches: Sitting on the floor facing the couch, place feet under the couch for added assistance and begin your crunches with your hands crossed over your chest or supporting the neck with your hands behind your head. Remember not to strain the neck and focus on fully contracting your abs at the top of the movement and flatting the back fully as your lay back down. Do 20 repetitions.

  5. Lateral lunges: Standing in a wide stance, lower down into a side lunge as you aim for your bottom to touch the couch seat. Feel those inner thighs burning.

  6. Elevated lunge: Take 3-4 steps forward away from the couch towards the TV, place one foot on the couch behind you and the other into a lunge position, Lower into the elevated lunge for 10 x repetitions and then change legs.

  7. Seated single leg lifts - abs: Seated on the edge of your couch, lift one straight leg up and squeeze the leg muscles as you raise and lower, this is a small movement but is great for mobility and posture, keep your abs active.

  8. Knee to chest – abs: Seated on the edge of the couch and chest open, shoulder back, bring one knee at a time into your chest and squeeze the abs. Repeat for 20 repetitions (alternating).

  9. Wide leg floor taps: Sit on the couch, spread legs wide and then reach arms long above your head. Reach as you fold over the body towards tapping the floor, roll up through the spine and repeat. Complete 12-15 repetitions.

  10. Opposite arm to foot reach: Sticking to the same side for 10 repetitions, reach your opposite arm to your opposite, wide spread, foot. Work your obliques as you twist.