Pre-Workout Supplements - Get In The Know

What are they?

Pre-workout supplements are great to enhance your workout, boost your energy and performance.

Di you know that over 70% of young people are taking pre-workout supplements and 30% are using them for their energy boosting properties?

Often available in a range of flavours with different active ingredients, pre-workout supplements come in liquid or powder form. If buying online ensure you know what each ingredients does and the purpose of it, if buying in a supplement shop ask questions and taste test before investing. These products have a range of benefits if fitness is something you are really focused on improving. They can be expensive but they do last a long time if taken correctly. Long term use is not recommended but cycling through different types of supplements is better for the body if taking them.

The benefits:

  • Increased performance.

  • Increased energy expenditure and in turn, fat loss.

  • Increased endurance, strength and muscle growth.


There are many, many types but let's focus on the basics. Creatine or caffeine based pre-workout supplements.

Creatine based pre-workouts are great for allowing you to work until failure and increase overall work capacity when exercising. Another positive benefit of this type is that it has been shown to increase muscle growth and size by drawing fluid to the muscles where the creatine is stored. This helps to create fuller looking muscles. Go-on, flex, you know you want to!


This type of pre-workout is great to increase fat burning whilst working out. It does this through increasing energy expenditure by  11%, which results in weight loss and overall more calories burned within your workout.

This form of pre-workout is great to help increase focus and performance whilst working out as well through increasing Adrenalin levels in the body. Take 30 minutes prior to working out for the best results. 

Remember: Always consult a GP or health professional before beginning to take any extra supplements. This will ensure you are aware of the side effects and if  any other pre-existing conditions may prevent you from having them.