A Mindful Approach To Eating

Mindful eating is a term that is often heard, but what is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is more than just thinking about what you are eating, it is the connection with the food you hold and acknowledging the effect that the food will have on your once eaten: how it makes you feel, the emotions that come with it and the after effects.

A recent study from the UK has explored how mindful eating can influence weight loss. They found that by encouraging people to practice mindfulness and to recognise how they were feeling before they ate, resulted in positive effects on the quantities they ate and their level of health overall.  Looking internally and listening to your body’s natural cues of hunger or sense of satiety, will allow you to be able to develop a healthier relationship with food, your mind and your body. When you decide to practice mindful eating, remove all distractions and ensure you are in a quiet space, technology free and people free to begin with. 

Whilst another study concluded that by implementing mindful eating practices into your everyday routine, you can better control the amount of food you eat, reduce depression symptoms, overeating, binge eating and other disordered forms of eating. They found that this method of mindfulness was beneficial for obese individuals, reducing their stress levels and creating better eating and health habits.

Here's how to adopt a mindful approach to food:

Be Mindful: Heal your relationship with food, eat healthier as you recognise how foods really taste and make you feel and discover new foods that you never thought you would enjoy previously.

Be grateful: For the food you eat, think about the people involved in making your meal; farmers, bakers or fishermen.

Begin: Start practising mindful eating techniques in your home by taking yourself through the steps of acknowledging the look, texture and taste of the food with every slow bite or chew.

Lunch break: Create positive lunch breaks for yourself by ensuring you enjoy what you are eating, bring a healthy treat and make sure you are looking forward to your lunch.