Podcasts For Your Spiritual Side

At the start of a new year you might be looking for something enlightening and calming to listen to on your commute. We have stockpiled a whole host of spiritual podcasts for a more peaceful and insightful outlook on life.

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

Oprah Winfrey interviews a new guest each episode on her podcast SuperSoul Conversations. Hear best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, and wellness experts get the classic Oprah treatment as the host delves into asking the big questions. In response, expect to hear her guests open up and share their thoughts on life, happiness and more. All designed to lift you up and help you navigate life’s big questions, the episodes are enriching and .soul-stirring in equal measure.

On Being

Every week, host Krista Tippett takes on the big questions surrounding the immensity of our lives with help from her guest-scientists, theologians, artists and teachers. From human history to religion, the conversations are impressive and thought-provoking, but never too head-scratchingly abstract.

Oh No, Ross and Carrie!

One for the sceptics. Co-hosts and good friends Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy investigate the fringes of spirituality and ‘science,’ discussing their findings on the weekly show. They join religions, undergo alternative treatments and seek out the paranormal, relaying everything straight back to you with a good dose of belly-aching humour. Expect to hear everything from the flat-earth movement to Scientology and even aliens.

Self Service

The second show to launch on the much-talked-about Girlboss Radio, Self Service is an exploration and celebration of self-care. Host Jericho Mandybur leads thoughtful and funny conversations into the myriad topics surrounding self-care, including weird wellness trends, astrology and tarot cards.

Spark My Muse

From ‘Soul School Lessons’ to conversations with authors, spiritual leaders, luminaires and theologians, Lisa Colon DeLay’s weekly podcast provides plenty of thought-provoking fodder. Expect to hear musings on heady subjects like success, creativity, consciousness, and emotional healing, all in the name of igniting your inner life.