Plant Power - The Benefits Of Indoor Plants

Plant this into your head:

We are either consuming them in our diet, admiring them with our eyes on a bush walk or rainforest hike or by tending to their green leafy goodness in our back garden. Plants are all around us, and they are essential to our health and wellbeing.

Too often though, plants are not present in our homes, work-spaces or bedrooms. The benefits of having indoor plants around you or within view are immense. A study conducted in Norway has concluded that having plants in and around the workplace can increase positivity, productivity, and wellbeing, as well as, decrease the amount of sick leave taken, reduce stress levels and purify the surrounding air so you can be calmer and breath with more ease.  

"Indoor plants enhance feelings of peace, calm and tranquillity"

Not only do they assist with everyday wellbeing, but the colour green that plants exude has been said to increase efficiency, focus and reduce eye strain for those that work for long periods of time at computers or reading/writing.  To enhance creativity in your work space or home incorporate splashes of green hues here and there. Concepts of regeneration, restoration, regrowth, and natures natural cycles of life and death through plants are said to intrigue and increase positive interest in areas where indoor plants are located.

Another study has shown that indoor plants enhance feelings of peace, calm and tranquillity which is ideal for any busy office space or family home environment.  

Be mindful of your surrounding environment when adding plants and foliage to your office or home. Think about the conditions plants need to flourish such as light, temperature and watering.

Top 5 picks of plants to incorporate in your house or work space today:

  1. Rubber tree: This plant is long lasting and fast growing but also extremely eye-catching with its shiny dark green leaves that just take your mind away from where you are, to a wild rainforest, and then bring you back to a more positive reality.

  2. Mother in laws tongue: Despite its unfortunate, but suiting name, this bright green and yellow-tinged plant is one to place around the edges of the home or office to create an open and illuminating

  3. Devils Ivy: this wonderful vine jungle looking plant is perfect for any space as it can be placed along window ledges, hanging above desks and kitchen spaces or in a pot stand in the corner of any room. Its dark green leaves and long vines will increase a sense of calm and positivity as soon as the sun hits it.

  4. Succulents: Easy to maintain and look after, even the more forgetful of people will struggle to kill these beauties. From soft pastel greens to dark green, these are versatile and go well in any space. Two popular ones are; Flapjacks or Aloe Vera plants.

  5. Swiss cheese plants: The name doesn't do these gorgeous shaped leaf plants justice. Their jungle vibes and split leaves create a wonderfully natural, indoor-outdoor flow in your chosen space to allow you to enjoy their tranquillity and inspiring deep green hues. They are also animal-friendly!

Enjoy your new found greenery and let it bring light into your life.