Our Guide To Being Happy At Work

As we move towards the end of the year fatigue sets in and work can feel like more 'work' than usual. Rather than resent your workplace, lean in and engage deeper for a smoother ride to through spring.

Here is our simple guide to finding happiness at work:

Engage more deeply.

Whether it’s with your leaders, co-workers or clients, practice really diving into shared conversations. Ask questions and actively listen while you engage. This will allow you to appreciate everyone as an individual.

Soon enough, you’ll feel that you’re surrounded by humans, rather than bodies. You may also find that you feel less alone and more supported by those around you.

Avoid criticising.

Most people are quick to judge and blame others—and even faster when it comes to themselves. While productivity and development can be boosted with constructive feedback, ongoing negative criticism (whether internal or vocal) isn’t helpful.  

Criticism for the sake of criticism is counter-productive. Use supportive statements towards yourself and others and see how differently everyone feels.

See everything as a growth opportunity.

We all make mistakes. Instead of getting down in the dumps over a fumble, see it as a lesson. Mistakes mean growth.

Focus on using more positive language and constructive thought processes when you mess up. Getting into the habit of responding more positively to mistakes will make you more resilient in the workplace.  

Praise yourself.

Odds are, you aren’t the only one working hard. This means that while everyone has their nose to the grindstone, some things may be overlooked—including your wins. Though this may be frustrating and at times demotivating, it is sometimes the reality of the workplace.

Learn to give yourself a pat on the back. We’re often holding ourselves to very high standards, so praising and being proud of ourselves can feel really great.

Take mental breaks.

Make sure to give that hard-working brain of yours breaks throughout the day. It’s been shown to improve productivity, but could also mean that you don’t feel so exhausted at the end of the day.

Shift your focus periodically for a few minutes by paying attention to your breath, listening to some music, or going for a walk. This will help you appreciate just being alive—even in the middle of the work day.

By utilising these few tricks and new ways of engaging with your workplace, you might find happiness even when you least expect it.