Open The Door To Positivity

When was the last time you said, “Happy Monday!” to someone?

That’s alright if your answer is never—we don’t blame you. There isn’t much positivity to go around on the Monday commute.

It’s pretty easy to get a bit wrapped up in life, with many things to do and little time to do them. Stress is the usual MO for most and it seems that appreciation for the small things is a lost art.

But what if you could change the quality of your life to make it a bit less boring and a bit brighter?

It’s more than just wishful thinking. Positive emotions are linked to measurable health benefits. People who are optimistic also tend to have better mental and physical health.

In addition to making ourselves feel better, positivity impacts those around you. We’ve probably all interacted with really upbeat—and by contrast, really defeatist—personality types. No matter our moods at the time, their attitudes seem to be a bit infectious.

By practising positivity in our own lives, we too can cause a positive ripple effect in the world around us. The implications in the workplace are the same—we would all rather work with more optimistic colleagues.  

With that in mind, here are our top ten easy and effective ways to bring positivity into your life—today!

  1. Don’t fall victim to the Monday Blues. Any day can be a good day—if you decide it will be!

  2. Choose positive inputs throughout your day—see our article “Filtering Your Inputs” for ideas.

  3. Surround yourself with positive people that encourage you, support you, and make you feel happier.

  4. Choose to stop saying negative things about others. Instead, try and find something positive about them—even if they make that difficult!

  5. Recognise your connection to something bigger than you—i.e. your family, circle of friends, community, work place, even the planet. You make a difference within these spaces.

  6. Help others. This reinforces your place in the world and invites gratitude and humility.

  7. Smile at strangers. Exercise your ability to influence others in a positive way.

  8. Sit in the sunshine. Soak up the warmth and feel grateful that you get to test-drive this life of yours!

  9. Eat something delicious and nutritious. Marvel at the fact that your body knows how to heal and strengthen itself with this food.

  10. Love yourself unconditionally. Whether it’s a good or a bad day, practice compassion and say/think nice things to yourself. No love is more beneficial than self-love.

Cultivating a positive outlook on things in your life doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Try just one or two of these tips to see how positivity impacts your own life!