Not Achieving Your Goals? Here's Why

New Years resolutions: you set your goals, declared them to friends and family and settled in for a successful year of wins and new opportunities. Yet, four months in and nothing has shifted. You are not alone, statistics show only 9.2 percent of people ever achieve their New Year's goals, which can be frustrating and deterring. 

Read on to find out what is preventing you from achieving your goals:


Are your current goals sitting at the top of your already hectic priority list? If not, why? Putting yourself first is and always will be the best way forward to a more successful and goal achieving life path. Without prioritising  your goals over other tasks, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Place your goals in order of priority, until you have established a maximum of 5 goals, focus on the one you wrote first. This is often, subconsciously, the one you need to focus on the most. Remember it is not always about adding things to your life, it can also be reducing and simplifying goals to reduce stress and clutter in the mind.

Make time:

If you find you do not have the time for tackling your goals, its time to review and remove waste. During a period of 3 days, keep a small journal with you and note down how you spend your time. At the end of the  days add up time spent being productive and time wasted -  time spent watching TV and scrolling through social media is considered time wasted. Replace the waste with time focused on your goals and you will soon be back on track. 


Make a list, on paper or in your mind, of the people you find yourself in contact with on a regular basis - this may be everyday or even weekly. These are the people who will be most influential in your life choices and ability to achieve your goals. Let these people know your priorities and how they can get on board to support you in your achievements. Offer them the same deal for their goals for some added motivation.

The power of saying ‘No’:

Saying ‘No’ is hard to do, yet saying this small but powerful word is a great way to focus your energy on a few things at a time. By saying no to distractions or those things that will move you further from your goal, you are able to put more effort into the task at hand. Remember, often saying yes is about pleasing others, or spreading yourself too thin and not about prioritising yourself - see below.

Put yourself first:

Putting yourself first is so important to achieve your goals. Even if it means putting something else next, you will be able to complete more, do more, be more and seem more alive when you place yourself first. Making time for “Me time” is critical and allows for time to wind down, self reflection on whats been achieved and for planning the next goal.


Even if you fail the first time, second time, even third time, there is always another number that follows and another chance to try again. To succeed we must first believe we can do it and then be persistent until we achieve it.