Morning Body Routines For A Great Day

We all know how mornings can set the tone for the rest of our day. If we start off rushed, stressed and tired, it can be hard to shake it, even with heaps of coffee. So preparing your body for the day is pivotal to feeling good all the way to hopping back into bed for some more Z’s. 

First thing’s first: have a stretch

When we set our feet on the ground, not only should we be practicing gratitude and a moment of mindfulness, but we should be elongating our muscles after a night of lying still. 

So take a deep breath, stretch your hands over head and feel a long, yummy stretch from your toes to your fingers. Exhale and repeat but bend a little to each side like a swaying tree, as you feel the stretch through your side body as well. Finally, give you head a slow and gentle roll around in either direction. 

Take a cold shower. 

This can be really tough for some people, but even adding 30 seconds of cold water at the end of a warm shower can help you acclimatise to this ancient form of water therapy. Cold water stimulates the vagus nerve, gets your circulation going and is easier on your skin than hot water. It’ll certainly make you feel more awake for the day ahead!

Now that you’ve got your blood flowing, it’s time to re-hydrate!

We lose water during the night as we breathe through our mouths, so waking up your insides with some room temperature or warm water is a great habit to form before eating or drinking stimulants. Drink at least one glass of water and play around with flavours: lemon, apple cider vinegar, maybe even a pinch of cayenne. 

Time for a solid, nutritious breakfast. 

We won’t bore you with the old adage, “it’s the most important meal of the day.” Though, we’d like to point out the talk in the scientific community that seems to show calorie-loading earlier in the day may be what’s best for our bodies’ biological rhythm, especially when it comes to body composition. 

Aim to have low GI and healthy carbs in the morning to fuel your brain throughout the day. This might look like wholegrain toast with healthy toppings such as beans, vegetables and avocado, or a big bowl of oats with the trimmings. Meals like this will keep you full through the morning and may help prevent you from reaching for a sugar and caffeine hit before lunch!

Don’t be concerned if you like how these tips sounds but always feel short on time in the mornings. They take just a matter of minutes but can make a much longer-lasting impact on your day. The hardest part is forming the healthy habit. 

Preparing your breakfast (or parts of it) the night before can help you get out the door fast with a healthy hot meal. Do a quick chop of any veggies in the evening or soak your oats overnight for a quick get away the next day. 

We may not be able to do everything in the mornings, but we can certainly always do our best! Investing a few moments of attention to our bodies in the morning is a great way to feel better throughout the rest of the day.