Men: Emotional Vulnerability Is The New Strong

Putting up a constant front in front of your friends, family and loved ones can be isolating and lonely.

One in 8 men will have depression in their lives yet many men are reluctant to talk about their feelings.

To let others in by sharing your thoughts, feelings and emotions. is a step towards recovery.  Be assured you won’t lose ‘man points’ or be seen in a different light. 

So, be brave, show courage and take the first step in a positive direction of breaking the stigma around men who share their emotions. Drive away the stereotypes of macho men, strong men without fear or sadness.

Everyone becomes overwhelmed, stressed, sad, excited, happy and depressed. It is in our nature to go through a roller coaster of emotions so let them flow. Instead of bottling up your feelings and setting yourself up for a breakdown, accept, acknowledge and release.

Write it down:

Use a journal to write down feelings, write a letter to someone or  email a counsellor. Writing down how you feel  has been shown to feeling less intense.

Ease yourself into being open about your emotions, start with writing down emotions at the end of the day or  use a mood app like MoodPanda to track your mood patterns.


With someone or without someone, crying is a great emotional release for the mind and body. You will feel tension released immediately and be able to think clearer afterwards. Studies  suggest that crying stimulates the production of endorphins, our body’s natural pain killer and “feel-good” hormones. So when the urge comes, don't hold back -  release the tears.

Recognise Emotions: 

There are many emotions in between happy and sad. If you are feeling something new or unrecognisable, write down how it makes you feel, physically and mentally or the thoughts you have associated with this feeling. This way you can understand, accept and embrace that feeling, educating yourself for when you might feel it again. To be confused about how we are feeling can cause a whole other level of feelings and can become overwhelming. 

Try not to box your feelings into categories of anger and excitement. If you are feeling stressed, act accordingly and breathe deeply without the unnecessary rage.

Get Physical:

Emotional release is just as important physically, as it is verbally. Make sure to exercise regularly and have an outlet where you can blow off some steam or jump as high as the sky with happiness and excitement. 

Benefits of sharing and being vulnerable:

  • You are letting others into your life

  • Weight lifted off your shoulders, you are not alone

  • You can throw ideas or strategies at the person you confide in

  • They may help you see things from another perspective

  • Your mood will lighten, and you may feel a sense of relief and gratitude

  • It can reduce stress, anxiety and headaches


"Most people believe vulnerability is weakness. But really, vulnerability is courage - We must ask ourselves...are we willing to show up and be seen?"

- Brené Brown -

If you feel overwhelmed, seek a professional consultation with a registered psychologist or counsellor.