Managing Personal Stress At Work

Everyone feels stress from time to time. Constant juggling of personal priorities can make it difficult to remain resilient in the workplace. However, ongoing stress not only causes health problems, but can negatively affect your business too. So, how can you help employees manage personal stress in the workplace? What are the solutions to promote healthy stress management?

Tackle personal stress

Personal stress can significantly impact work behaviour if it is not treated. In fact, stress related presenteeism and absenteeism costs Australian employers roughly $10 billion a year. Stress not only inhibits mental and physical wellbeing, but can cost your business reduced morale, poor relations in the workplace, and increased staff turnover.

Obviously, you can’t control your workers’ personal lives, but you do have a legal obligation to minimise their exposure to the risk factors of stress. The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 imposes a legal duty on business operators to do what is reasonably practicable to protect workers from the risk of harm from stressors at work.

But, with some effort and just a few simple changes, your business can take steps to minimise unnecessary stress for your employees in the workplace.

Cultivate openness and support It’s inevitable that your employees will encounter personal stress. But it’s vital to continually provide support and awareness. Here are some ways you can help stressed employees and create a safe workplace:

  • Create an open dialogue: It’s vital to have conversations with your employees regularly to find out how they are. Open and honest conversations builds awareness of external factors that cause your employees to feel stressed. It’s important to let your staff know it’s OK to seek support.

  • Provide a space for rest and breaks: Employees aren’t machines. They need to recuperate after long hours, too. Make sure the office has at least one break room, with comfortable furniture. Employees will be more inclined to take a break if they have a safe and comfortable space to do so.

  • Encourage flexible working arrangements: You can assume that your employees have many other priorities competing for their attention. Flex-time, job sharing and compressed work weeks can help employees balance demands and better manage their personal stress.

WorkScore is here to help

There are plenty of health professionals and resources who can provide support and further information. WorkScore’s MindHub is a great resource offering mental health support at your employees’ fingertips to assist them in dealing with personal, family and work-related concerns that may impact their wellbeing and performance at work.

With content and advice written by psychologists and pay per service counselling, MindHub is both preventative and proactive in its support for employees. If you’d like to boost business performance by improving employee wellbeing, contact us on 1300 972 673 or email [email protected].