Making Your Workplace Holiday Season Special

Secret Santa’s and Kris Kringle’s at work are here. It’s the time of year to say: “I have no idea what to get them” or “I’ll just get some chocolates.”

Instead of spending a few dollars on gifts you’re not sure your co-workers will love—or unhealthy treats they probably would love—seize the opportunity to do more meaningful things!

Our tips on making the holiday season at work worthwhile for everyone:

Create connections

Not everyone gets into the holiday spirit. Some people find Christmas stressful, overwhelming, and perhaps even lonely. In the spirit of connection, tee up a draw for coffee dates.

Just throw everyone’s name into a hat and draw out two at a time to pair people up. Then take your co-worker out for a cup of coffee or even a lunch! Not only will this encourage people to slow down and offer their time, it could help foster new connections for the year ahead.

Experience over materialism

Experiences make people happier than things. With this in mind, swap out gift giving for holiday team building. Go go-karting, play paint ball, visit an arcade, or even to a park and play cricket. You can even make it a family affair as well and invite partners and children.

Pitch in

Keen to get some new gear for the office? Take a vote for what goodie(s) everyone would like. If you’re embracing a healthy workplace culture, this could be a great way to get started.

Vote for things like a treadmill desk, a healthy vending machine, or a high-powered blender to make smoothies in the kitchen. Or, just stock the work pantry with healthy snacks—e.g. bliss balls, nuts and seeds, teas, kombucha and coconut water.

Once you’ve chosen the winners, set a dollar goal, and ask that everyone pitches in a bit.

Team Altruism

It’s a time of year for giving—and not just to family and friends. There are all types of children and adults that could use a bit of help and love.

The 2016 census in Australia showed rates of homelessness increased by 4.6 percent. These numbers include women, children, and the elderly. Organisations such as Mission Australia are having a strong, positive impact on the less fortunate.

Donating a few dollars as a group to help shelters is a great option if your team feels less inclined for a Kris Kringle. Other causes and organisations to consider helping include: clean water initiatives and global well-building projects, refugee organisations, and children’s hospitals.

With December hot on our heels, it’s time to have a chat at the office to find out what clever, do-good, and enjoyable ideas will work best for all of you!