Making Healthy Eating Habits Stick

As the new year is now in full swing, we are all getting back into our ‘normal’ eating habits and schedules. That being said, there is such a huge amount of people who get on the healthy eating bandwagon or start new diets and slowly but surely fall off and land with a hard crash, returning back to an unhealthy and unmotivated state.

The next few tips are here to help you continue your healthy lifestyle long-term and maintain it all year long.

Think of the benefits: Eating well and consistently has an array of benefits for your body and mind. Through ensuring your body is well fuelled and packed with nutrient dense meals, you are only doing yourself a favour.

Stop thinking about foods that you can’t or shouldn’t have and don’t restrict yourself, push the focus to the foods you can eat and can enjoy.

Think of how you feel when you eat well: Does your mood change? Are you a more tolerable person to be around? Or maybe you just feel more positive because you are aware of the goodness you are providing to your body. Our bodies thrive off nutrient dense foods, so it will only thank you from the inside out. Pay attention to the differences in your energy levels, patterns of digestion and irritability. Keep a mini diary or record of these changes so you can reflect on these and know how good you feel when you do eat well and then get back on track.

Save money and time through meal prepping and having snacks on hand for when the cravings begin. When you do your big grocery shop or if you subscribe to a meal/food delivery service, ensure you include things to snack on, even if you need to prepare it. Some great grab and go options are bliss balls, nuts, fruit or vegetable sticks already ready to go and portions of hummus/crackers.

Find your motivator: This can be a person, goal or trigger that pulls you back to why you want to eat healthy and why you should keep it up. A great example is if you are a parent, ensuring you are healthy and a good role model for your children is a great motivator to keep you on track and showing your children what a healthy and balanced diet looks like.

Remove temptation and that includes things for “just in case” you have a craving. If you don’t bring the unhealthy food into your home you will not have an opportunity to eat it and when you are really, truly hungry, you can be quite creative when it comes to creating something delicious and healthy at the same time.

There is no such thing as failing if you eat something unhealthy. As long as your next meal is healthier and you keep going, it won’t set you back.

When you go out if can be hard to maintain the eating habits you have when you are at home, but after a while it will become second nature to opt for something lighter, healthier and fresher on the menu.