Make Food Shopping Sustainable!

Food wastage is one of the worlds biggest problems, which has a significant flow on effect on the people of the world and the environment in which we live.

Westerners are the biggest culprits of food wastage. A study conducted internationally says that around 200kg of food is wasted or thrown out per year!

Take a more sustainable approach to your weekly food shop with these simple and effective changes that will save you some $$ and the environment a the same time.

  1. Ugly fruit and veg: Try purchasing 'ugly' fruit and veg. These can be found in Woolworths and Coles and are often provided at a discounted price due to their individual elements of character and unusual shapes. Show them some love and prevent food wastage. Harris Farm and the Imperfect Market are great places to buy 'ugly' fresh produce from too.

  2. BYO net or mesh bags for fresh produce. Save the single use plastic and buy some mesh bags that not only keep your fresh foods from going bad in the crisper, but they are also washable and re-usable!

  3. Purchase bio-degradable or re-usable sandwich bags, even better a 'Bento Box' where no wastage is needed! These options are perfect for school or work lunches and do the same, if not a better, job of preventing sandwiches from going stale.

  4. Clean it out: Have a day where you clean out your fridge once a week and any vegetables that are past their freshness date can be used in a soup, casserole, blended into a sauce or frozen to add as a base to stocks, smoothies or future recipes. This is a great way to avoid wastage and make the most of the fruits and vegetables you already have without spending extra money.

  5. Only buy what you need! Another great way to prevent food wastage is to avoid buying in bulk and to always go to the shops or market with a list. This prevent unnecessary purchases and keeps within your weekly budget.

  6. Try to shop once a week for fruit and veg at a local farmers market. Not only are you supporting local farmers but the produce has less chemicals, is much fresher and so will last longer. Not to mention that it tastes amazing and the kids will love helping you pick the fruit.

Stop food wastage in your home and start adopting new habits that will benefit future generations.