Make A World Of Difference - Volunteer Week

Making a world of difference

From 20–26 May 2019, thousands of Australians will celebrate National Volunteer Week. National Volunteer Week is the annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers.

The theme for National Volunteer Week 2019 is “Making a world of difference”, and it’s a perfect opportunity to encourage your employees to volunteer and give back to the community.

Let’s look at why your company should get excited about making a world of difference.

Giving is the best therapy

Volunteering is a great way to show care and support for communities. In fact, research shows that doing something for others increases self-esteem, motivation and improves your wellbeing.

Giving back to the community also benefits your mental wellbeing. Research suggests that acts of kindness, whether big or small, are associated with positive mental wellbeing.

Giving your time for others helps build new relationships and influences your overall wellness and happiness.

Make a difference together

Here are some tips to help get your employees involved in giving back to others:

  • Volunteer with a charity. Once your team has chosen a charity, follow them on social media to get involved in the conversation. Sign up to their newsletters to keep up to date. Most charities welcome your support by offering your time to assist them. You can also organise a fundraising event.

  • Volunteer during a crisis. If your local community has suffered from a natural disaster, find ways to help. It could be during the clean-up, or you can donate items like clothing and furniture to those affected.

  • Volunteer to help people in need. You could teach children in schools or help to build houses and hospitals. Kids Giving Back is based in Sydney and offers to volunteer across Greater Sydney. Habitat for Humanity also provides volunteering opportunities overseas. No experience is needed, and all fitness levels are welcome. You can also volunteer at soup kitchens that feed the poor and homeless.

Remember to take care of yourself

It’s essential not to overdo your volunteering or burn yourself out from continually trying to help others. Giving beyond your means is terrible for your health and wellbeing.

Start small. Helping others doesn’t need to cost hundreds of dollars or take up an entire week of your time. Start by grabbing some coffee for your colleagues, or give praise to your employees for something they’ve done well.

As research shows, being kind to friends, family and strangers can improve your emotional and physical wellbeing.

As National Volunteer Week approaches, take time to consider how you can make a difference in the communities around you, and inspire your employees to do the same.