Listen Up - Hearing Health

When was the last time you had your hearing checked? If your answer is never then this is something you really need to do, asap.

Hearing health in today’s society should be a massive priority but is often forgotten. In our day and age we have music playing in our ears and headphones turned up on full, which is causing damage to our ear drums andd is the pinnacle of ear problems later in life.

It is suggested that listening to a volume no higher than 80 decibels is best for long term hearing health. To give you can idea, most phones, ipods and mp4 players go up to 130db. This means listening just over half way with the volume button should be your limit.

Signs of hearing loss:

According to Hearing Australia here are some of the signs that you may be experiencing hearing loss;

  • You can hear but not fully understand what is being said.

  • You might find yourself constantly asking people to speak up or putting the TV volume up to the point where others complain about the noise level.People around you have to repeat themselves regularly.

  • You might not always hear the phone or doorbell ring.

What can you do?

Most shopping centres or medical centres have free hearing tests available. Simply take the test as honestly as possible and get your results. Pending these results, you will then be able to take action on your ear health. Most places will be able to set you up with a referral to an audiologist who can assist in finding the right solution for you.

Take care of your ears now, make small changes:

  • Use over the head earphones instead of inner earphones. These reduce the impact of sound on the inner ears.

  • Listen at a lower volume, and sit further back from the TV.

  • When you go to concerts and nightclubs avoid being super close to the speakers.

  • Wear earplugs when in loud situations to avoid further damage.

  • Reduce listening to music to 15 minute bursts to give your ears a break.