Laughing For Health

Have you ever felt that deep burn in your belly after a good laugh with your friends, family or partner? That burning is so satisfying and extremely good for your wellbeing.

Bring laughter back into your everyday life by adding these simple things to increase laughter, smiles and happiness all around you.

  1. Laughter yoga: This is not your usual downward facing dog. Laughter yoga is more focused on interaction with others, making yourself laugh and the contagious effects that laughing has. Laughing is also great for the core!

  2. Telling jokes, no not memes or online, face to face, save up some good material and crack a good one when no one is expecting it. You may be surprised by how many people’s days you make.

  3. Laughter is contagious, even in a false sense, try laughing out loud and then see the reaction, people always want to know what is funny, even if it really is as simple as a cat running into things or people falling over.

  4. Have a laugh with your mates: Don’t be so uptight and serious, sometimes it is okay to let go and release that laugh you have you in your belly.

  5. Laugh at yourself: Not only is it super liberating but doing this alone or with people is great for the soul, you connect deeper with yourself and also get a good chuckle out of the latest silly thing you have done or mistake you made without allowing it to get you down. Let it lift you up!

Laughter can be incorporated into all aspects of your life - experience the joy of joyfulness!