Kettle-Bell Workout

Kettle-Bells: These are great pieces of equipment you can keep at home or easily find in the gym. Buy 2 or 3, one as a set of the same weight and the other a bit heavier for things like kettle-bell swings.

The Workout:

  • Kettle-bell squat to upright row: Grab your heavier kettle-bell and hold it with both hands in a wide leg position, with long arms, lower into a squat and tap the floor with the kettle-bell, keeping your chest open and shoulder back. On the way up lift the kettle-bell up under your chin, with the elbows rising up to your ears. Lower back down and begin again.

  • Single arm clean and press: With a lighter kettle-bell in one arm, start at hip level and lower to the floor, as you raise up clean the bell to the top of the shoulder, flipping it to the other side of the wrist with care and control. Push the bell up into the air like a shoulder press and then lower back down to the shoulder and then to the hip once again. Repeat.

  • Kettle-bell swings: Give yourself some space for this one. Standing with your feet a little wider than hip distance apart, take a firm hold with both hands on a heavier kettle-bell. As your hips drive forward use the momentum from the glutes to power the kettle-bell up to shoulder height. Return to starting position with shoulders down and back and chest open.

  • Kettle-bell single arm ab raise: Lying on your back on a mat place one small kettle-bell in one hand and with your arm extended long behind you raise it up to the sky as you raise up into a crunch position. Lower back down slowly, keeping your arm long and strong, abs activated.

  • Russian Twists: Seated on your mat with feet together, bent knees at 90 degrees and leaning back to activate the lower abs, hold your kettle-bell in both hands and lower it down to one side, then the other. Use your obliques to keep you stable and maintain a good upright posture.