Keeping Your New Year's Resolution Alive

Have you started this new year with a new resolution or two? Are you pretty good at following through? If not, here are some easy ways to help you make it happen.

Keep them in sight.

You know what they say: out of sight, out of mind. Don’t let this happen with your resolutions!

We have all the right intentions as the New Year sets in. We make personal commitments with enthusiasm and then sometimes life slips back into that busy routine. But there are tools to help keep your personal goals near the forefront of your mind.

Visualisation is a powerful option that is proven to help people stay focused and find success. You can practice this by taking a few moments each day to mentally envision (in detail) yourself succeeding at your resolution.

Creating a vision board with images and words that relate to what you wish to accomplish, is an effective way to transform what’s in your mind’s eye into a tangible reminder.

Or try things like writing your resolution to be more positive at work on sticky notes around your desk. Use an alarm on your phone to motivate yourself to get up early for meditation and self-care. Whatever your resolution is, there are simple ways to nudge yourself into remembering and pursuing them.

Keep them in context.

And by context we mean: in the bigger picture. This is about finding your “why.”

If your resolution is to incorporate 30 minutes of exercise into your day, remember why it is you want to do this. Is it to help you grow stronger? For losing weight for an upcoming event? Or maybe because you want to be healthier and live longer?

Focusing on this “why,” will be the push you need on days where you feel less motivated. This is what can take your resolution from a pipe dream to a sustainable new habit.

Keep them in practice.

Once you are able to see your resolution and understand your why, do your best to incorporate it into your daily life. Or, if the resolution is to be in a certain place or role by the end of the year, work towards this end point every day that you can.

Don’t aim for perfection, because for most that’s not achievable. You’re human, so forgive yourself if you miss a day of exercise or don’t make it through a whole work day with a positive attitude.

Imperfection shouldn’t be an excuse to give up. It should be an opportunity to practice self-compassion.

Each day of 2019 is a fresh opportunity to improve. Use these three simple steps to turn your resolution into reality.