Keep Your Smile Fresh

A simple smile can bring many benefits to the workplace as it creates a positive environment and can help lift team morale. But nothing dampens those positive vibes quicker than bad breath or poor oral hygiene. 

Bad breath or halitosis occurs in around 2.4% of Australians and whilst it isn't infectious or contagious it can be an embarrassing and smelly problem. A rapid protein breakdown causes an unpleasant odour to be produced from the back of the throat or tongue and signs of this are white coating on the tongue, a dry mouth and bad breath. 

Whilst gingivitis is a gum disease that is more common and occurs in around 19.7% of Australians. It is said to be caused by a build up of plaque bacteria around the base of the gums, this causes inflamed and bleeding gums which can become painful to brush and may appear red or torn in places.

Gum disease can be caused by too much alcohol, coffee, sugary foods and poor teeth cleaning and our diets are an important part of our oral health. 

Tips for a fresh smile everyday:

  • Use good quality toothpaste and choose a brush with softer bristles as these do less damage to your teeth and gums and allow for people with sensitive teeth. 
  • 2 minutes of brushing morning and night should be standard practice, if you find your teeth are still not clean, keep brushing, 2 minutes is the minimum
  • Regular flossing and tongue cleaning
  • Get regular dental check ups, aim for 2 per year.
  • Treat mouth ulcers by gargling salt water morning and night
  • Zinc, green tea, cinnamon and Aloe Vera have all been said to help with bad breath
  • Staying hydrated is also important to avoid dry mouth