Is This The Secret To Recruiting Talent?

Talent is a precious commodity that keeps your business moving. It’s no wonder leaders are continually looking for ways to attract and retain the very best people. In fact, a global recruitment report found 83 percent of companies rank talent as their top priority.  That’s why creating an attractive workplace should be on top of your company’s agenda.

So, is wellbeing the secret sauce that makes your workplace the pick of the bunch? Here are three reasons why a good wellbeing program equals winning the war on talent:

Meets candidates’ demands

Principles of market forces dictate that companies respond to candidates’ wants or risk them going to work elsewhere. But just how important is wellbeing to job seekers? According to recent studies, 87 percent of professionals in Australia and New Zealand look at a potential employer’s wellbeing program when considering a new role.  

"Wellbeing programs improved job satisfaction in 45 percent of workers"


Reduces turnover, improves engagement

Winning the war on talent includes retaining the people you’ve got. Now here’s a sober warning: companies who don’t look after their employee’s health and wellbeing are four times more likely to lose talent over a 12-month period. Meanwhile, 60 percent of health workers in the US reported they would stay with an employer who offered good wellness programs.

Ultimately, you are starting a cycle of wellness as employees who enjoy the benefits of a good wellbeing program, are happier, healthier and more engaged. A University of Wollongong study, in fact, found that wellbeing is a crucial driver of people engagement. It also found wellbeing programs improved job satisfaction in 45 percent of workers. So, they stay because they're happy!

Strengthens your employer brand

Iconic and trusted brands often are ones that offer something their competitors can’t. That’s the type of employer brand you want if you want to attract the very best people. So, it makes sense that 53 percent of leaders surveyed in a global study said they would invest in their employee branding if money weren’t an issue.

A robust wellbeing program is a great place to start investing. Think about how you can give the best offer when it comes to elements of wellbeing that employees highly value such as flexibility, healthy workstations, on-site fitness facilities and healthy eating programs. Why not check out our WellHub for high-impact, easy to implement ideas?

To attract the best, give them a wellbeing offering that makes you an employer of choice, meets their demands and makes them want to stay with your company.