Is Scheduling The Key To Work And Life Balance

You will often hear that finding a work - life balance is the key to happiness. However, with many of us working 50 hours per week, is it possible to find the time to climb the corporate ladder, have a social life and get your daily exercise class in?

The key to balance between professional and personal life could lie in scheduling and prioritising; making time in your calendar for exercise, hobbies and social events. Locking time in your week for important activities will give you more control over your week, create a balance between life and work and prepare you for the week ahead. Here are our tips to good scheduling:

Prioritise what is important to you

Often we put others needs above our own saying yes to more work, cancelling personal plans or exercise, This selflessness comes at a price as too soon our energy and mental health suffers. Instead, schedule time in your calendar for those things that are important to you - a walk after work,  an exercise class , lunch with friends and family or some quiet time. Block regular times in your calendar and make them a priority as these activities keep you firing on all cylinders versus needing a tune up!

Combine work and personal calendars

Merge your calendars and schedule events in one rather than two calendars. This will prevent double booking, shows your full schedule at a glance and you can prepare gym clothes or casual clothes the evening before.

Be flexible in your schedule

Accepting that life ebbs and flows is important, there are going to be times that a lunch gets changed into a coffee or an exercise class gets moved due to changing work demands. Just remember to get back into routine as soon as possible.

Have fun at work

Many workplaces are trying to increase organised fun a work, recognising that nearly three quarters of millennial's want work to feel like a second family. Take time to join in organised activities, chat to colleagues or share a coffee/ lunch break, as research shows that a fun work environment leads to greater productivity.


If you are feeling overwhelmed looking at your schedule, or are always attached to your phone, take some time to unplug. Our smartphones and laptops can overstimulate our brains so taking some digital distance for a few hours or a day at the weekend, can free up our minds and help us to think clearer

Try these scheduling tips and you’ll be well on your way to developing and maintaining a great work-life balance.