Is it Time For A Workspace Revamp?

Times are changing for our workspaces. The standard desk-chair-monitor setup is being nudged aside by modern, ergonomic—and sometimes funky looking—equipment. Is it time to get one of these gadgets into your office?

The Vertical Mouse

We did say things are getting creative with office equipment and the vertical mouse is a great example of that. Designed to keep your hand in a natural “handshake” position, this type of mouse boasts a few reported benefits.

The vertical mouse is said to place your arm in a neutral position, where the forearm isn’t rotated in, the fingers aren’t clenched and the muscles of the arm are more relaxed.  

Though you may have to get used to this new shape, there is evidence that an ergonomic mouse used with arm support may help alleviate neck and shoulder muscoskeletal disorders.

If you’re curious about trying one, you can get a closer look here and here.

Upright Pro

It feels as if sitting up straight is the ultimate test of endurance. Unless you’ve had hours of dance classes, you probably slump like the rest of us. But a clever new product called Upright Pro is changing the game and addressing our poor posture habits.

Using it is simple: you just place the advice on your spine between your shoulder blades and it buzzes lightly when you slouch, reminding you to sit upright again. In line with the convenient wearables trend, you can link it to your iPhone, customise your training program, and track your progress.

Adjustable Monitor Mounts

If you’re looking at a screen all day, it’s position will really make or break your neck and shoulder wellbeing. Two general recommended guidelines are having your screen at arm’s length distance and the top of the screen at eye level. This will prevent head tilt and forward extension that can cause that familiar pain the neck.

Height-adjustable monitors allow you to move the screen up and down. But monitor-mounts with those robotic-looking arms allow you to swing your screen in several different directions, allowing you to take customisation to a new level. They may be wall or desk mounted and can be attached to the back of some monitors or to a compatible laptop holder. Check out some options here.

Electric Adjustable Mini Desk

Need to move more than just your monitor? We’ve talked about standing desks before but if your budget or space don’t allow for it, there’s another handy option. Adjustable mini desks that sit on your existing work surfaces allow you to move from seated to standing whenever you feel like it. Most include a keyboard shelf to ensure your hands are in the right place and your shoulders don’t shrug. Have a look at some here, along with the full-size standing desks.  

Saddle Chairs

Need a new way to sit? Saddle chairs are reported to offer a more ergonomic and comfortable way to do it. They are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and adjustable options. They don’t look like a standard chair, and they don’t feel like one either—but that may be a good thing. Take a look at these and these to see what we mean.

If you’re experiencing discomfort at work from your desk setup, poor posture, or just want to try something new, take one of these for a spin and revolutionise your workspace.