International Volunteer Day - 5th December 2018

"Everywhere in the world, volunteers provide assistance to people and whole communities being pushed to the brink." - Volunteering Australia

International Volunteer Day is an initiative of the United Nations. and the theme for 2018 is “Volunteers build resilient communities”. Recognising all volunteers, but with a special focus on local community volunteers. And with approximately 1 billion people volunteering around the world every year, this is a great opportunity to recognise volunteers and encourage others to take devote some time and knowledge to help those who need it most.

How can you get involved?

Volunteering is something that doesn't have to be time consuming, daunting or stressful. It can be a fun, team building exercise that everyone can participate in. There are many opportunities (especially leading in to Christmas) that are single events.

A great place to start is in your local workplace community. Some great examples that anyone* can get on board with are;

  • Pet therapy dogs: If you have a pet that you think would be a great fit then apply to take your pet to visit with people. Your pet will get lots of attention whilst providing therapy in return.

  • Walking rescue pets: Volunteer once a week to take a dog from the rescue shelter for a walk.

  • Reading to the elderly: Not only if this a great way to give back, but those without family around this Christmas will really appreciate the company.

  • Wrapping Christmas gifts for charity groups to give to the less fortunate.

  • Serving hot meals on Christmas day or Christmas eve.

*It is sometimes necessary to have a working with children's check and/or police check for some of these volunteer opportunities*

When choosing organisations, ensure their cause aligns with your business values and brand. 

If you are looking for International work. the UN has many opportunities for online volunteer work. If you have a particular skill such as writing, teaching, knowledge of sciences, statistics or politics you may be able to provide the help they are after.

The season to give more than just gifts is upon us. Giving your time is one of the most rewarding and needed things in our society today. Gather up your team and jump onto one of the sites that WorkScore recommends below to find a volunteering opportunity near you:

Spread some selflessness this silly season and offer up a few hours of your time for those who need it!  Use the hashtags #IVD2018 and #resilientcommunities on your posts this International Volunteer day to support the cause.