Incidental Exercises

Finding it hard to make time for your weekly gym class or have no time for exercise due to your growing list of household chores? Then we have a solution that will get your chores finished and your muscles worked!

Make these small changes in your daily routine to ensure you are getting in your daily 30 minutes.

  1. Hang the washing with a squat. Each piece of clothing can equal one squat. Bend down and squat to pick up washing, maintaining good posture and switching the core on as you reach for a piece from the basket. Reach up high, opening the chest as you peg on the line. Connect with your body and think about each movement as this will allow you to activate your muscles more effectively.

  2. Take the stairs or walk up the escalator stairs. This is a really simple thing to do on your daily commute, at the shops or around the house. When at home leave your phone upstairs so you have to run up them to grab it if it rings!

  3. Walk your dog or walk with a friend. Rather than catch up over a sit down coffee, book in a regular walk and talk session. Booking it in to the schedule makes it hard to cancel and you will definitely want to catch up on the gossip. Multitasking is a great way to get your exercise in without making it a huge deal.

  4. Be mobile on the phone: it is literally a phone without a cord, so take it with you for a walk around the office as you continue your conversation and seal important deals.

  5. Instead of going to lunch with clients: go for a walking meeting! Plan a route, warn clients to wear comfortable shoes and off you go. Walking helps improve creativity and focused thinking too.

  6. Cook and clean wearing gym gear. This may sound strange, but what you wear can really affect your state of mind and influences behaviour.  By putting on fitness clothes you will be more inclined to get moving and hey, you may even dance your way around the boiling pasta pot or sweep the floor with more enthusiasm and speed!

  7. Lunch break: Go for a walk to the shops, or to a café further away, if you get 1 hour for your break, spend half doing a quick circuit and the other half eating.