In Focus: Workplace Eye Care

You’ve heard the saying: out of sight, out of mind. Is that why we sometimes neglect eye health? While our eyes do all the seeing for us, we rarely see it and perhaps forget it needs care.

In Australia, 60 per cent of all eye injuries occur in the workplace. You might think that only applies to warehouses and outdoor work sites. It turns out, 48 per cent of office workers suffer from eye fatigue due to excessive computer use. What’s more, digital eye strain can cause blurred vision, headaches and even affect how well you sleep.

So, there are real hazards to our eyes in all work environments. But what’s the best way to protect your eyes? Let’s zoom in on these five ways to care for your eyes in the workplace.


Since hazards exist in all types of workplaces, it makes sense to assess your workspace thoroughly. Is there sufficient lighting? Is the computer screen set up at a comfortable distance? Do you need to protect your eyes from debris?


If you’ve identified areas that need work, it’s time to adjust. For office workers, set your screen an arm’s length away from you with the top at eye level. You can also reduce eye strain with good lighting, preferably natural light.  


Workers in sites where debris getting in your eyes is a risk should ensure they receive protective equipment. If you work outdoors, don’t forget to use sunnies that protect from UV exposure. Those who work with computers can also protect their eyes by using screen filters.


It’s always a good idea to give your eyes a rest. Blinking often or using eye drops help keep eyes moist. Try to take 10: every 10 minutes, look at something about 10 metres away for 10 seconds—a quick and easy way to relax your eyes. Better still why not take a short stroll outside? It’s good for your eyes and the rest of your body!


Finally, have eye assessments done every two years or if you’re over 50, annually. This helps ensure that you address any underlying vision problems that may affect your work.

Let these five tips help you pamper your peepers and bring you great vision plus a healthy body from top to bottom.