Improve Wellbeing With Better Job Control

When it comes to employee wellbeing, promoting healthy eating, exercise and movement, and providing support for good mental health are among the most obvious factors. However, one that has the most impact requires digging deeper.

What is it? Job control, or the level at which a person influences decision-making, autonomy, locations and hours of their role. It’s a vital element of job design and a prominent ingredient when it comes to improving wellbeing. That’s because low job control usually results in higher demands on workers.

The Black Dog Institute lists it as the number one factor that affects workplace mental health. But it also has a massive effect on physical health, as other studies show. In fact, a European study found a definite relationship between high job control and increased levels of wellbeing.

As a leader, we know you want to improve employee wellbeing and the health of your business. That’s why we’re revealing three simple ways to improve job control at your workplace.

Build trust

An essential component of good job control is autonomy. Don’t micromanage. Allow them to feel you trust them to complete their jobs without breathing down their neck.

As a supportive manager, provide your teams with a clear strategy, not tactics. Paint a crystal clear picture of what success looks like and let them find their way. That doesn’t mean you can’t help but resist the temptation to give them a step-by-step solution.

Be flexible

According to research, increased levels of control over work schedule and location produces significant improvements in employee wellbeing.

Be open to giving your employees schedule and location control. Today’s technology means many workers need not be bound to their office desks anymore. Neither must they stick to the usual nine-to-five hours of work. What matters is that employees complete their tasks at an agreed level. When or where they carry it out should be open to flexibility.

Offer help

Make good use of employee performance reviews to address any concerns your employees have regarding job control. You don’t even have to restrict dialogue annually. If you suspect someone in your team might be struggling with job control, initiate the conversation.

If you do have team members who face challenges in coping with job demands, there’s a wealth of excellent tools, articles and information available from MindHub. Our mental health platform can be tailored to fit your company’s specific needs too.

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Making a real difference in the wellbeing of your employees requires more than meets the eye. Dig deeper into providing better job control for a healthy, more engaged workforce.