Ideas To Make Your Day Brighter

It’s often the little things that bring us the most joy. The simple pleasures or the granular, if you will. Happiness is not a complicated equation that some have figured out while others struggle to find the answer, in fact, many psychologists now suggest that it’s those people who practice gratitude and take pleasure in the habitual that feel the most content.

There's no denying that there's a lot to be said for micro-actions. Wellness expert Aleski Hoffman dubs them ‘the brainchild of help.’ So if the daily grind has got you down and you can’t remember the last time you accidentally sang along to a Spotify throwback playlist on the train, here are a few *little* ideas to make your day that bit brighter.

  • Make time to make breakfast, and make it special:No good day starts on an empty stomach, and while preaching ‘the most important meal of the day’ mantra is well past its sell-by-date, putting that extra effort into your breakfast makes a whole load of difference. Try Pinch of Yum or Minimalist Baker for some easy, quick and health conscious breakfast inspiration.

  • Take the scenic route on your walk to work: If your commute is on foot, take an extra 10 minutes out of your way to walk through the park, alongside a river, or anywhere that calms your mind before the start of a busy work day.

  • Listen to a podcast on your commute: Research suggests that lengthy commutes often result in increased loneliness. In his book Bowling Along, political scientist Robert Putnam names long commuting times as one of the most robust predictors of social isolation. While we may not always have a travel-buddy available, listening to a podcast can provide that much-craved intimacy, offering a realness that we miss in other forms of entertainment. Pandora Sykes’ and Dolly Alderton’s mix of pop culture and ‘highbrow’ news in their podcast, The High Low, will have you giggling along as if to old friends.

  • Stock your work cupboard with herbal tea: Herbal tea is a fantastic way to help reach the suggested intake of water, not to mention that it tastes fantastic and comes with a range of health benefits including reduced anxiety and weight maintenance.

  • Balance your to-do list: Put smaller things on your to-do list to balance out the bigger, more tedious tasks. There's nothing more disheartening than a list of purely time-consuming jobs.

  • Take a digital-free lunch break: According to statistics, at least one-third of us take our phones to the bathroom, often checking social media and emails while on the loo. Give yourself a break from the constant demand of screen time. Make a lunch date with a friend, go for a brisk walk, or bury your head in a good book while you eat your lunch.

  • Brighten up your desk space: Buying a plant for your desk, hanging a chalk calendar or even organising your work-space with fun trays and pen pots can make a huge difference to the way you feel when sitting down for a full day of work. Data suggests we spend over five hours a day sitting at our desks, so help those creative juices flow with an aesthetically-pleasing desk space.

  • Cook from scratch: It’s so easy – too easy – to pick out a ready-meal at the grocery store, but there is something to say for the therapeutic benefits of cooking from scratch. Apart from being significantly healthier, it’s a fantastic money saver and, who knows, maybe you will learn a thing or two.

  • Practice daily gratitude: This might seem like an easy one to skip, but by thinking of two or three good things that have happened in the day on your commute home can be a fantastic way of refocusing negative energy that all-too-often follows us home from work.