How To Use Technology To Improve Wellbeing

Have we reached the apex of digital dependence? We use technology every day, from managing our schedules, getting directions, keeping entertained, and even to help us achieve our wellness goals.

Unsurprisingly, owning technology, such as wearables, have become as ordinary as putting on shoes. In the latest study on employee wellness, they found the use of activity trackers has doubled since 2016.

That raises a question: Is it time for workplaces to adopt wellbeing technology? And how can you use technology to promote and improve wellbeing? Here are four ways any business can:

Use it for better mental health

Mental health problems are harder to diagnose than physical illness. A lot of it is also very personal and painful for employees to talk about since they might fear its effect on their career. 

Fortunately, technology can help. By providing online assessments regularly, you can help workers become more aware of their mental wellness, perhaps even preventing a severe condition from developing. You can also provide a confidential means of reaching out for support such as the MindHub at WorkScore. That way, if an employee would rather not discuss their situation with someone from the company, they have a convenient option.

Use it to increase motivation

According to a recent study, use of mental and emotional self-help apps increases motivation, goal-setting, confidence, control, and intentions to be healthier.

Why not give your people access to self-improving apps? There are plenty available, and you might even want to provide them as part of your overall wellbeing program.

Use it to empower

Wearables that sync to health tracking programs empower your workers to take control of their health. That same technology can also inform your decision-making.

You may be able to use data that wearable devices collect (only with employee consent) to see what areas of your wellbeing program need to improve. Or better yet, choose a tool, like WorkScore, which lets your employees provide information on their health without divulging too much about themselves.

Use it wisely

Be cautious. As devices and programs get smarter, the risk of using them also increases. It’s prudent on your part to address any privacy and ethics concerns before launching new technology to the workplace.

So, by using technology to your advantage, it can be a tremendous support in promoting a modern, holistic wellbeing culture.