Six Steps To Unveiling Your Wellbeing Program

Nothing boosts confidence like a good plan. Surely, all the time, resources and research invested in your wellbeing program will culminate in the success? Unfortunately not! All the best-laid plans are useless unless you effectively communicate your plan and get your employees onboard.

Yep, communication is key.

If you’re ready to unveil your wellbeing program, these six keys will ensure you communicate it successfully:

Give it an identity:

When you meet someone, the first thing you find out is their name. So, give your program a name, an identity perhaps even a logo. It needs to help your people easily identify your program. Also, clearly state your purpose and goals—maybe come up with a slogan or mission statement that spells this out.

Use targeted key messages:

Your goal is undoubtedly participation. So how can you achieve this? Get your employees excited about the program’s benefits. It helps too if you define any steps they need to complete to participate.

Where possible, personalise your messages - some parts of your program may appeal more to women more than men men or baby-boomers over millennial's. Don’t be afraid to target messages for these audiences.

Lead from the top:

Often the most critical communications piece is leadership. Be vocal and visible. Show your teams how vital wellbeing is to you by participating in the program. Equip leaders at all levels to answer questions about the program—an FAQ document works wonders for this. Why not provide updates on wellbeing metrics at every town hall?

Involve your people:

Wellbeing programs might help the business’ bottom line, but ultimately it’s about your people. So, involving them at every step is the best approach. Willis Towers Watson reports, 47 percent of the companies with the top performing wellbeing programs used influencers and employee testimonials to encourage participation.

And keep gathering feedback and success stories long after the launch of your program. Ongoing dialogue with your staff will ensure your program isn’t a one-hit wonder.

Communicate actively:

You can’t over-communicate when it comes to caring. Take the example of Fortune 500 company, United Services Automobile Association (USAA), who describe their wellbeing communications as “relentless and surround sound.” Their 85 percent participation rate should convince anyone to do the same.

Say no to stale communications. Create fresh pieces with the help of a content calendar and highlight a new topic monthly. Use every channel available: bulletin boards, intranet, social media, even posters in your kitchen and break rooms. Quick tip: if you’re stuck for topic ideas, there’s plenty of content in our WellHub.

Finally, don’t neglect potential hires:

After all, an excellent wellbeing program scores you points with top talent. Include information on your career website, job ads and discuss the benefits of your program during interviews.

So, shout it out from the rooftops - Your wellbeing program will make your workplace healthier, happier and more productive!