Quick Tips To Improve Communication

Do you have an important message to communicate, in that often feared method - face to face? As we rely more on technology to communicate; emails, slack, SMS and phone, talking 'one on one' in the workplace can often seem daunting to some.

 Here are 5 tips to prepare for your next meeting or employee review.

  1. Be prepared: take notes before hand and highlight key points you want to tackle before the meeting is over.

  2. Time: If you are short for time or only have an allocated slot available, be sure to stick to the point and be clear about your thoughts, ideas and intentions. Summarise at the end to show the person you are speaking to that you are wrapping it up.

  3. Be responsive: Look at the person you are speaking to and offer gestures in your facial expression or body language that mirrors them if you agree or differs if you are not sure about what they said or disagree.

  4. Be open: being known as an open and easy to talk to person will not only allow you to grow more as an leader, but it will encourage employees to stay longer, knowing they can come to you with anything and not be shut down completely.

  5. Be clear: Use language that is simple and clear. Keep sentences to a minimum and  pause so that you are sure the message has been received. 

And, 4 Courses you can take online or in your spare time to improve you communicating skills are:

  1. Public speaking project: This may sound like primary school all over again, but practising in front of the mirror and being confident can really help you get your point across and win over your audience.

  2. Tafe: Online courses are now everywhere, but Tafe is a reputable place to start. This course is on communicating in verbal and non-verbal ways in the workplace. This will help you to gain confidence when speaking as a superior and will also assist in learning workplace appropriate terminology.

  3. If English is not your first language or you struggle with grammar and spelling, consider taking a course on English language improvement, this will not only reduce errors in written documents, but also allow you to feel more confident in your writing and presentation skills, without the fear of a typo!

  4. Assist yourself by becoming more aware of others around you and be more successful: This short course is only $15 and takes an hour  complete. Easy to do on the commute to or from work, this will teach you about conflict resolution, effective ways to communicate with different staff members and increase the rate of good relationships at work.