How To Make Your Takeaway Healthier

Our busy lives and the plethora of fast food options can spell a recipe for diet disaster. When you find yourself without the will to cook and food is just a call, order or click away, it’s easy to succumb to the convenience of takeaway.

While nothing beats healthy homemade food, fast food need not be a foe. Just learn how to handle your takeaway options without making your health suffer.

Here are five simple tips for taking the health torture out of takeaway:

Amp up the veg

Many fast food restaurants now offer the option of salad instead of just ‘fries with that’. If you’re stuck on the motorway with no other food choice but the big fast food chains, ditch the fries and go for the salad.

If you’re ordering from your local Asian place, why not get a dish with lots of veggies? Stir fries, veggie curries and even swapping your kebab meat for falafel and added salad are all great options.

Tone down the sauce

Don’t get saucy. Heavy sauces pile on the sugar and sodium content of takeaway food. Avoid cheesy toppings, heavy sauces and creamy dressing. If you’re getting a sandwich or wrap, why not swap mayo for hummus?

Think twice too when it comes to Asian dishes that have sweet, thick or salty sauces. Stick to the freshest options with flavours that come from fresh herbs and spices instead of rich sauce.

Flee from fried

Who doesn’t love fish and chips? But the heavy batter, deep frying and salt in this favourite dish can be horrible for your health. A better catch is grilled fish and a side of salad.

The same goes for other takeaway options. Pick fresh spring rolls over fried ones, and go for sushi instead of tempura when eating Japanese.

Get some grains

If you’re getting a sandwich at the local deli, pick multigrain bread.

Out for some Italian? Many restaurants now offer whole-wheat pasta options, so choose those if available. And if you really need a pizza, the thin base will be your best choice.

Sharing is caring

Just because it’s sold as a serving for one, doesn’t mean you should eat it all. If you’re getting takeaway with a buddy, why not share? Most takeaway places serve generous portions. Save your pocket and health by splitting large meals.