How To Exercise On Those Hot Days

Summer is hitting hard this year and with many days of sunshine behind us in a row, it is safe to say there will be many more before this steamy season is over.

When it comes to working out in summer our usual excuses and things we hear include:

"I will melt if I go outside."

"Don't go, you will get heat stroke."

"Running in this heat? No way!"

For those of you lucky enough to have access to an indoor gym, off you go and run as much as you like or lift as many weights as you want. For those who are outdoor exercisers then this one is for you!

Instead of completely avoiding exercise and lounging on your couch with the air-conditioner on full-blast, why not try some of these great alternatives that won't leave you dehydrated and wanting to pass out like you have been walking in the Sahara desert for several days.

Lounge room Yoga: Roll out a towel or mat and if you have a smart phone or smart TV, get YouTube up and look up a 30 minute yoga workout that you can follow along with, without braving the outdoors. 

Here are some of our favourites:

Chair workout: All you need is a chair or the edge of a couch for this one: Crunches with your feet hugging the chair legs or tucked under the couch, push ups with your hands on the couch/chair or with your feet on the couch/chair to make them a little bit harder, dips, sit to stand, lateral lunges with your palms flat on the chair/couch.

Resistance band workouts: These are great if you don't have much space and can be done inside, out of the heat.

Early morning/Afternoon/night time workouts: If you have the energy, getting up before the heat begins to build and getting your workout done outside is best, if not wait until the sun goes down and find a park with some lighting or better yet, set yourself up with a head torch! Get the nightly breeze as your free fan.

Freeze your drink bottle: This is great if you want something to cool you down after a hot outdoor workout, your water will stay cool and refreshing, just what you need. 

Drink plenty of water before and after working out to avoid dehydration as you will be sweating more!

Remember that just because it is over 30 degrees Celsius outside does not mean you get to skip your usual workout! Keep on top of your training schedule with these simple ideas that you can even do on your break at work.