How To Be Kinder To Yourself

Too often we are harsher on ourselves than we ever would be to others. Our inner critic shows no mercy as we remind ourselves of our failures or poor choices again and again. At WorkScore we call time on negativity and encourage kindness and self- compassion instead.

Self-compassion is having a healthy relationship and attitude towards yourself and is vital for gaining a deeper perspective of who you are and how you feel. Having self -compassion also promotes kindness to others, as less judgement of ourselves leads to less judgement of others.

So, if youre living with an inner Juge Judy and success, self-love and kindness are elements you need to work on, try these simple tips. You may find what has been missing inside.

  • Think differently: If you are one to jump to negative conclusions or blame yourself for everything, take a step back, breathe and just let the event take course. Remind yourself that failure is a part of life and the ability to forgive is powerful. 

  • Affirm your worth: Take note of your skills and achievements however big or small. By acknowledging and repeating to yourself all the wonderful things you do each day you will begin to develop a deeper sense of self-worth, appreciation and love.


"Less judgement of ourselves leads to less judgement of others"

  • Big it up, don't put yourself down: By making snide comments about yourself to others, or while you are alone, your thought process will begin to shape around these comments and you inner self will begin to believe what you say. Be mindful when speaking about yourself and never put yourself down intentionally, to please others or to vent.

  • Practice compassion: If things haven't gone to plan, instead of harshly criticising oneself look for the parts done well and the parts to be improved. It may seem hard at first but practice makes perfect. Remember that there is a difference between self-pity and self-compassion. Compassion comes from positivity and love, self-pity comes from negativity and pain.

  • Choose to be calm: Surrounding yourself with calming elements such as lavender scented candles, dimmed lighting and soft music creates a space for calm reflection. Sit in a space like this for 10 minutes, breathe deeply and feel your mindset change for the better.

The pathway to self-love is often challenging as old habits are replaced by new one. Persist and you will win.