How Music Influences Exercise

Ever wondered why most gyms turn up the tunes or runners prefer to run to a beat? Music is a motivator and one study reported a 15% increase in performance when listening to music.  

Music is great for getting the most out of your workout and here's why:


Music, when combined with a music video, distracts you from the effort of your workout and through this “disassociation” you will be able to continue exercising for longer, without getting bored or counting down the minutes left on the treadmill.

Furthermore, distraction also occurs when listening to music that appeals to you, such as a favourite song or artist. When we listen to music that we enjoy, we feel happy, comfortable and are less likely to feel the stress put on the body when completing low intensity exercise such as; walking/jogging.


study, conducted in Japan, suggests that listening to music while you exercise can “promote physiological excitation and enhance physical activation". Faster music has been shown to work best with high intensity exercise, just ensure the music ranges in beats per minute from 125-140.


Working out to music allows you to work out for longer and perform better. In the UK and Switzerland they have started a regular half marathon that is completed whilst listening to music, it is called “Run to the beat” and has had great reviews. With its tunes blaring, participants are less likely to realise how tired they are and are more likely to finish the race without feeling completely exhausted.

Mood booster:

Another study has suggested that through bringing music into everyday activities, including exercising, you can enhance your mood, performance and overall experience. Listening to music releases chemicals in the brain that produce a feel good state and pleasure. 

So, next time you workout, put on some music and feel the difference in mood, and motivation to workout.