Hiking: Making The Most Of Family Time

Getting outdoors at this time of year is an absolute must and with our families right by our side what could be more fun?

Making your workouts work for your lifestyle is so important, especially if you have children.

Pack up your things, grab plenty of water, some food and put on good walking shoes. You are going hiking!

Hiking does not have to be super difficult of daunting, anyone can do it. Just start small and work your way up to the top (pun intended).

If you are bringing along the troops, ensure you take lots of regular rest breaks and while you do, enjoy the sites and being away from screens.

When choosing where to go for your first hike, do some research of the terrain, any obstacles you may come across and print off a map just in case you lose reception (also a great time to go old school and get a compass)!

Learning to hike is like any fitness venture, it will be difficult the first few times, you might even discover some muscles you never knew existed and that is all part of the fun.

Challenging the body with new and exciting fitness tasks is a great way to boost your fitness, overcome plateau and motivate yourself to keep trying new things, new hikes and new destinations.

Hiking has many great health benefits including; improving your blood pressure, increasing your bone density, lowering the risk of heart disease and improving your balance through strengthening your core over time.

Your very first hike might only be 1 km up the beach and up the rocks to a lookout. Be proud of this! Embrace it! Take photos and document it. You will look back from Mount Everest and smile at your efforts.

Top Tip: Try to make hiking a social activity by inviting someone along, it can be nice alone, but it can also be dangerous. At least ensure you tell someone your plans to hike and where you will be.