Helping Your Body Detox Naturally

Your body is an amazing thing. Not only does it keep you going despite all the hardship you put it under, it also keeps you alive through natural detoxification.

How does the body detox itself?

No green juices needed here. Your body has some amazing ways that it keeps you healthy and happy.

The liver: Your liver is one of the most underrated organs that we have. Most of its work is done without even a thought or moment of recognition from us as it works through the alcohol and other beverages you drink. Taking out the good stuff and disposing of the bad. It also does the same with food, ensuring we only get what we need and the toxins are removed from the body instead of being absorbed. Think of it as a filter you put your water through. 

What can you to do support the functions of your liver?

A great place to start is to eat a healthy and balanced diet and maintain good hydration. Exercising is another way to keep your liver from developing an unhealthy layer of fat around it, which can result in poor health.

Swapping the use of harmful chemicals and toxins like aerosols etc. is another great way to reduce expose of toxins to the liver, causing cell damage. Try essential oils mixed with vinegar and water for a great cleaning product instead.

Limit your alcohol intake and avoid binge drinking as this puts your liver under a lot of stress. Illicit drugs cause havoc for the liver so always think twice before using drugs. 

The Kidneys: Your kidneys are similar to your liver but dispose of harmful toxins through urine. They are working constantly to keep your blood filtered and healthy. 

Support your kidneys through regular acupuncture, eating lots of dark foods like walnuts, black-beans and seaweed. Parsley has also been shown to help support proper kidney function and assists in healing injured kidneys in rats, so who knows, it may also help with human kidneys too. Add parsley to your salads, smoothies and soups.

Remember we only get one body so take care of it as you go along, this may help to prevent future complications and health issues.