Heart Pumping Workout

Our heart is more than just a muscle that allows blood to flow through the body, bring your heart rate up and burn some serious calories with this quick and sweaty workout. Not only will your heart muscle be working, but every part of your body will feel this workout too.

All you need is some space, a towel or yoga mat and a large drink bottle. If the sun is shining, why not make the most of the weather and head outside.

Here we go!

  1. 10 burpees

  2. 10 inch-worms (Plank position to begin with, forearms on the floor, raise the hips a little higher for 3 seconds then walk forward, repeat).

  3. 30 second ladder climbs (Pretend you are climbing a ladder in the air, get those knees up and arms reaching).

  4. 10 jump squats

  5. 30 second plank hold

  6. 20 mountain climbers (In a high plank position, bring one knee in towards the belly-button at a time, alternating quickly between legs).

  7. 10 high kicks (each leg)

Rest for 1 minute and repeat with little to-no rest between exercises for 4-5 rounds.

Sweat, pump, repeat!