Healthy Vending Machine Swaps

The office vending machine is a risky place to go when you’re feeling peckish. And we’re not just talking about your snack getting stuck on the way down.

Traditional vending machines are packed full of food-look-alikes that offer little to sustain hard-working brains. Sure, they might satisfy our hard-wired taste for intense flavours, but what happens after we toss the empty wrapper and can in the bin?

Aside from a lack of nutritional value to sustain us during the workday, there are several other nasties we should consider. These include artificial colours, cheap oils, preservatives and copious amounts of sugar and salt. All of these are scientifically recognised to negatively impact our health.

If you want highly functioning employees, it’s best to keep these ingredients off the table. 

Though you may not be able to control what your employees eat, healthy vending machines might just help you offer desirable alternatives. These machines offer the convenience of a quick bite with better-for-you choices.

With growing interest in healthier diets, companies like Vendy are popping onto the scene. These companies offer machines boasting snacks made from more whole-food ingredients and cleaner than their alternatives.

Let’s compare a few healthy vending machines options with the usual suspects.

Coconut water vs. Coke or Canned Lemonade

Coconut water is a refreshing source of potassium which is important in the regulation of cell function. It’s an excellent source of hydration and electrolytes. There are no added sugars or colourings as in soft drink alternatives. No sugar crashes here!

Natural Sea Salt Popcorn vs. Potato Chips

Popcorn still has the satisfying crunch and saltiness we look for in a savoury snack. Yet per 100 grams it has 10 grams less fat and nearly 200mg less sodium than classic potato chips. Excess sodium can lead to several complications including increased blood pressure. It’s easy to get over half of the daily recommended intake in a single serve of chips!  

Lamington Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar vs. Kit Kat Bar

This one’s for those needing a sugar hit but wanting a more natural alternative. Though the coconut oil makes this paleo bar higher in fat, it boasts just 5 all-natural ingredients, over 17 times the amount of dietary fibre, and nearly half the amount of sugar in a Kit Kat.

Do these snack-swaps really matter? A study investigating the hippocampus—a brain-centre for learning, memory and mood regulation—found that diets poor in nutritional value and higher in unhealthy foods resulted in negative effects.

By offering more nutrient-dense snacking options in the workplace, your team could benefit. Not only would they appreciate that you care, but it might just lead to healthier habits, lifestyles, and perhaps even fewer sick days.  

Why not consider making healthier habits a part of your own workplace culture? Look into healthy vending machine options near you!