Healthy Meals On-Demand

Food shopping has changed. Browsing the shelves of the local supermarket has been replaced by browsing a menu on the web. Not for a local takeaway, but for healthy meals to cook at home.

Millennial's are convenience-driven, tech-savvy and changing the way we shop for food. Not only the type of food we are buying – 52% more vegetables than their older counterparts – they’re changing how we’re buying it.

Growing up in the world of tech has heavily influenced this generation of life-hackers. Convenience now leads the way in their grocery shopping habits, and the food industry has been quick to answer their desires. Forget the weekly grocery store trip, the rise in food- and healthy meals-delivery services such as Hello Fresh and Door To Door Organics come in response to calls for natural or organic foods brought straight to your door. And with prices starting at $6.24 a serve at Hello Fresh, it makes a great alternative to take out or even home cooking and is a healthy meal.

Delivered meal kits, particularly, are having their moment. According to IBISWorld, the fresh ready-meal market in Australia has experienced an annual growth rate of approximately 3.6 percent over the last five years, with the industry now worth $600 million. Now everyone can be a master-chef in the kitchen, without a single cookbook in sight!

Another benefit to meal kit delivery is portion size. Where take away's contain mammoth portions, tempting us to over indulge, meal-kits come in calculated portion sizes and can help control overeating. 

So far so good, food industry, but delivered groceries and meal-kits only takes care of some of our new lifestyle requirements. What about when we don't have time to cook?  Do not fear, companies like Elements are filling this gap in the market for super-healthy, super-fast meals. Their ready-to-heat packages contain farm-fresh ingredients kept fresh and nutrient-full through freeze-dry technology – a total game-changer in the ready-meal industry. Once considered the most unhealthy way to eat may just be the future of the food game.

The fact is: people are busy

With Millennials poised to move into their prime spending years, ready to reshape the economy, it will be interesting to see how the food industry continues to come up with creative solutions to cater to the largest generation’s unique experiences.