Healthy Hangover Cures

We’re all for moderation at WorkScore, especially when it comes to drinking alcohol, however, there are times when the drinks are flowing and one turns into a few.

We've all been there: ‘oh, just one more drink won’t hurt…’ only it does hurt, especially when you have to roll into work early the next day. If you think that a greasy breakfast, a gallon of soft drink or left over kebab is the cure, then think again. 

We have found a number of fool-proof and healthy ways to cure that hangover in no time, and we’ve listed all them below!

 1.  Eat Your Eggs

Eggs are fantastic for curing hangover symptoms. Not only are they insanely easy to whip up, eggs are rich in high-quality protein to boost energy levels – and they also contain a pretty impressive amount of the amino acid cysteine which helps to rid our poor livers of toxins. Plus, they’re delicious. Pair them with avocado and a green(ish) juice for extra nutrient-boosting power.

2.  Concoct A Magic Tonic

We promise there will be no brown sludge, but if you want a quick way to fire out that hangover, unfortunately it’s not going to come without a few apprehensive taste buds. Instead of opting for a sugary drink, grab a bottle of apple cider vinegar and add one tablespoon to 200ml of warm water, a squeeze of lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper and 1tsp of grated ginger. If that’s sounding really undesirable, add a teaspoon of raw honey for a hit of sweetness. This will work absolute wonders on your hangover by helping to dissolve anything ‘foreign’ in the body, fire up digestion and regulate blood sugar levels.

3.  Practice A Seated Twist Pose

No matter if you’re not a yoga bunny, a simple seated twist pose is going to work to detox your body and make you feel human again. Stretching in a seated position and twisting the body around helps to massage the internal organs, strengthen up your stomach area and relieve back pain. Perfect for an aching body! Because the pose focuses on the abdominal area, you are also helping to ‘get things moving’ and cleanse the body of toxins.

 4.  Sweat It Out

We’re not talking about an intense workout here (although we hear that’s helpful too), just a simple sauna session. Most gyms have saunas so head there in the morning or on your lunch break. Sweating helps to relieve the body of toxins and if you’re a regular sauna goer, you’ll also know that they also really help with calming the mind and relaxing you – which is 100% helpful when everything sounds like the volume is turned up and you just want to hide in bed for the day.