Group Fitness Challenges

Looking for some fun and cheap ways to get staff moving more at work - then look no further.  Challenge you and your staff to some healthy competition this month with a monthly challenge lucky dip.

We have chosen some simple activities that can be performed in the workplace and some that require outside activities. Use your whiteboard to keep a tally and offer a prize for better participation. Choose a new one per day or one a couple each week.

To get started: You need a large box, write down the ideas below (and add some of your own if you would like) and then choose a staff member to draw one from the box.

Lucky Dip:

  • Step count: First person to 10,000 steps in a day wins.Use cheap pedometers or phone apps to help track these.

  • Active minutes. Using apps you can track how many minutes you are active, the person at the end of the day with the most active minutes wins!

  • Squat challenge, tally squats on a chart and who ever gets the most over the week is the winner. This is a fun way to encourage movement and have a laugh as people get up and start squatting in the office.

  • Take the stairs challenge. Instead of the elevator, or escalator, take the stairs! Feel the legs burn.

  • Take a lunch time fitness class in your local gym or community centre.

  • Stand up and stretch every hour: set a timer and everyone stands and stretches for 2 minutes.